Build a website in the style of Wikipedia


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Heads up! Wikimedia is not an application that uses a certain interface. Instead, it's a web application programmed in PHP and made up of a set of text documents in various programming languages, such as JavaScript, HTML, and PHP.

The way in which you edit website templates on Wikimedia is based on the Wikipedia philosophy: any user can modify the content of the pages, upload images, and so on. This works because Wikimedia's technology lets you retrieve information in case a user makes unwanted changes.

To install the templates, make changes, or try the website, you must have the following applications: Dreamweaver or another HTML editor to modify the appearance of the page or the source code; an Apache server and MySQL database to test the site; and PHP version 4.3 or higher.

It's not necessary to know a lot about languages ​​like SQL, HTML, or CSS to create a website, although it's helpful to know at least a little PHP.
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